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Cambodia: staying at Templation, Angkor Wat

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Think Cambodia, your mind will likely wander off to vivid images of wild street food, ancient cultures, historic temples and the terrible tragedy of the 1970 genocide.

After a few modest stays in Vietnam, I wanted to make the most of our Cambodia leg by indulging in a little R&R. Enter Templation, a five start boutique property located just ten minutes away from the famous temples. It was love at first sight.. from the incredible staff, to the rabbits freely roaming around, to the spacious rooms, everything was tastefully done up.

Service, Safety Standards

We arrived a little after 3 p.m. but we were already exhausted from our travels.

A short 20 minute drive from the airport brought us to our little haven for the next few days. While we were waiting to check in, the team had a refreshing cold towel, welcome drink and little sweet treat ready for us.

The covid protocols were all in place from staff wearing masks and sanitizers in every corner.

The staff were so courteous, friendly and thoughtful; I sprained my leg during a hike and they kept checking on me to make sure I had everything I needed to rest my ankle. Our minds were at ease from the second we set foot here.

Location Location Location!

One of the main reasons people visit Siem Reap is to visit the Angkor Wat temple. Picking the right place to stay can often make or break your trip... to me, the location of this resort was definitely the highlight. Where people spend up to 45 minutes driving up to the temple to watch the sunrise, we woke up at 4 45 a.m. to be there at 5 a.m. This was a full 10/10 in my books. Never underestimate the heat wave and the need to cool off after a few hours at the temple.


This resort is a part of the MAADS group, which offer different high end properties around the world. This one is no different, with it's deeply rooted Cambodian tradition like minimalistic environmentally conscious decor, hiring the local community, and eco-friendly choices throughout the property.


Another one of my favorite areas in the property was the waterfall pathway. As we made our way through the entrance, we first heard the waterfall before we saw it. Talk about a jungle oasis.


The Templation has multiple option for rooms ranging from the Jungloo tent to the more spacious pool villas. When we stay for more than a few days, we like to switch rooms to have a change of scenery.

Jungloo Tent

Let's first talk about the Jungloo. Right next to the entrance, in a secluded area inside the resort is a jungle glamping experience with all the perks of a full-fledged star property.

The room is fully equipped with a massive king bed, toilet and bathroom, and all amenities like coffee and beverages.

The classic bamboo furniture elevated the small space to the next level. There were so many thoughtful touches like mosquito repellent and hair gel.

To complete the glamping set up, there was an outdoor terrace with a private plunge pool overlooking the garden. Ufff!

Rooms - the pool suite

Now for bigger families, you may want to consider the extremely spacious pool villa.

From two separate living areas that includes a seating area with a TV, couches, dining space and a dedicated work-space to the wider bed and two bathrooms, this is something you don't want to miss out on.

Since the hubs had work during the day, it provided him with the privacy he needed to work. having such an incredible outdoor bath is an added benefit of this already amazing room!

The pool area is definitely the show stopper here. Such a great space to kick back and rest too.. including two chairs and sun loungers. We ordered our food to the room one evening and just had a date night here. The perfect end to a fabulous stay. Trust me, when that Cambodian humidity hits, you will want to dive right in and stay there!

In-house Dining

The dining area has such an open layout, I looked forward to every meal at this resort.


At Templation you get to choose from a great ala carte menu - options are freshly squeezed tropical juices, coffee/tea, amazing hot bread, homemade jams, classic American style platter with pancake or waffles and of course, Khmer dishes like noodles/rice.

The portions were generous, with multiple refills, so we were always so satiated after the meal that we usually skipped lunch.

BONUS: if you happen to stay at the Pool Villa, you can also opt to have a floating breakfast in the comfort of your room. After all, some holidays are for sleeping in and getting pampered!

Lunch & Dinner

The dining area is spacious and I highly recommend you skip in-room dining to stretch your legs in the wide open space around this area. It's open all day until midnight, and the staff are always happy to hook you up with a quick snack or a drink. We had a chance to try the veggie stir-fried noodles and the pasta. The chef also came to help us pick vegetarian dishes.

Pool and Common Areas

The pool area is located at the center of the property, right next to the dining area - apparently this is also one of the largest pool areas in the Siem Reap region.

Again, the whole area was so fabulous with sun loungers, floating bed, and they even have a canoe!

The Spa

Another highlight of our stay was the Spa at Templation. The more you visit Asia, the more you learn to appreciate the diversity in little things from the food to the cultural nuances.

After having tried the Thai massage multiple times, it was time for a unique Khmer massage. Legend has it that this type of massage was used to ail the tired bodies of traveling monks in the olden days. Since they traveled great distances for their spiritual work, this technique was used to heal their physical bodies.

Let me tell you that this really is a spiritual experience as much as it is a physical one. The ladies start off by giving you a foot rub with a coffee scrub before starting the hour long massage that will stretch every single muscle in your body. We were a 100% rejuvenated and honestly wished the 60 minutes had stretched on forever. The experience ends with lemongrass tea.

Final Thoughts

There were so many wonderful things about this resort. They really know how to make your stay extra special. From being one of the few properties that was a little farther away from the city center, making it a private, authentic experience that also offers great value.

The whole resort had a zen vibe about it. It was fantastic way for us to escape the tourist crowds at the temple, yet it was at just the right distance from the city center.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in both the rooms. I would highly recommend staying at least 3 nights here to make the most of everything this property has to offer.

Disclaimer: we were offered a partial complimentary stay at the property in exchange for a post about our experience but all opinions expressed here are my own and completely honest. I also earn no commission from you choosing to book with them.

Drop your comments below and show some love. Feel free to shoot me an email with your feedback.




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