Spending Five Days in historic Armenia

Updated: 5 days ago

Back from another short getaway. This year has been busy.

On this blog post, we talk about the less frequently visited Armenia (unless you live in Dubai and hop on a flight to go here for sport). After all, a short 3 hour flight from Dubai will take you to this small country in the Caucasus region.

Armenia is the second country I have visited in this region that is nestled in the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

It is also surprisingly historic and it is believed that they were one of the first countries in the world to adopt Christianity as their state religion. Be prepared for a whole lot of beautiful monasteries scattered around the region amongst dense national park forests and snow-capped alps.

So let me sum up the trip for you with a list of must-see places!

COVID preparation:

1. You will need a PCR test take 72 hours prior to landing. You will also be asked about your vaccination certificate to enter. Best to carry these on your person at all times.

2. You need a PCR test to exit the country (this was included in the cost for us, but it is around ARM 150,000)

What you will need for testing:


Flights, Visa and Immigration

From Dubai, I flew direct with Fly Dubai.

You can no longer get visa on arrival. You will need a visa. You can apply for this yourself. Heads up - sometimes, you could be rejected if you have an Indian passport. The agency I went with applied for me. You can directly apply for it here too.

NOTE: Due to the conflicts in the region, if by any chance you have been to Azerbaijan in the recent past, expect to be questioned about this at the immigration counter. Keep your responses short and be clear about the reasons for your trip there. if you went for tourist reasons, explain that clearly and be ready to produce a detailed set of documents for your trip to Armenia from itinerary, hotel reservations, and return ticket.

Safety and hygiene

Heads up - Armenia is not big on the vaccination. No one we met was vaccinated - not even our driver. So masks on ALWAYS. Carry your own sanitizer.

People were warm, it felt safe.

Best time to visit

April, May, June and October, November is best due to the slightly cooler weather.

Language and People

Everyone is helpful and fluent in English.

Travel and Medical Insurance, Currency

Travel Insurance is highly recommended. USD accepted at all resorts. Carry local currency for small purchases.

Safety for Traveling Solo or as a woman

Expect your typical developing country culture. Most certainly expect a few leers from strange men on the street if you decide to walk outdoors in a fancy dress in the city. Go with your guide/driver and be mindful of your surroundings.

Choosing a guide, agency or driver for your trip

For this trip, I went with Best Travel. Anika, the owner, set us up wonderfully. No hassles and extremely hands-on. They have a location in Yerevan, Armenia as well as Dubai. Smooth transactions and she was happy to accommodate any requests at a marginal cost.


Food is ridiculously cheap, so is transportation and hotel. Including hotel, flights and transportation, the trip should cost no more than $650-800, depending on where you stay and time/length of travel.