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Being vegetarian can be challenging during travel. Anand and I love to try local cuisine but it comes with limitations since we are vegetarians. Also since I like to eat clean even on vacation, it gets boring for us to binge endlessly on pasta and bread when we run out of salad options. 


That being said, we don't prioritize food when we travel and don't find the need to eat out thrice a day. If we are in the city, we will pick up yogurt, fruits and bread from the grocery store. If we are going to be remote, we like to sometimes carry our own ready to eat noodles and mixes. 


Our policy is to keep it simple and light. The last thing you need is a stomach bug on vacation. Balance is key. 

When we do need to find the best vegetarian or vegan eats, we rely on Happy Cow. We swear by it. It has bailed us out big time even in places like Japan. 

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